Item #300878 Grace Notes: True Stories about Sins, Sons, Shrines, Marriage. Brian Doyle.

Grace Notes: True Stories about Sins, Sons, Shrines, Marriage...

Saint Mary's Press, 2011.
Paperback. New. Item #300878
ISBN: 9780879464349

In this eclectic and compelling collection of stories author Brian Doyle writes about his discovery of the incarnated Spirit of God every time he turns around, often in the most unlikely of people, places, and things. In 37 short snapshots, he captures the spiritual essence of everyday life from the perspective of a committed Catholic who loves his faith, his family, his community, and his church, even with all their warts and failings. Attentiveness is the beginning of all prayer, says the great poet Mary Oliver, and everything that lives is holy, says the confusing poet Billy Blake, and all the way to heaven is heaven, says the tart Saint Catherine of Siena, and let grief be a falling leaf, says the testy poet Van Morrison, and grace under duress is the great story of us, says the undersigned muddleness, and how we reach for one another and listen to one another�s music and share stories like the most amazing and nutritious food�that�s what we are all here for. Stories live forever and are how we shuffle quickest toward the Mercy greater than the ocean and denser than the stars in the sky.

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