Item #901398 The Walrus and the Carpenter. Lewis Carroll.
The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Newburgh, NY: Thornwillow Press, 2013.
Limited Edition. Paperback.

Thornwillow Press Libretto VI, one of a limited edition of 4,810 copies bound in paper wrappers, set in Jenson type, and printed letterpress. The edition was designed and produced under the direction of Luke Ives Pontifell.

Preface by Adam Gopnick, with new illustrations by John Hutton. This poem within a poem first appeared in Chapter Four of "Alice Through the Looking Glass" in 1871. The Walrus and Carpenter speak in a language of disinterested debate and intellectual inquiry typical of Carroll's time at Oxford. When a dozen oysters join them on a beach stroll, "The time has come to talk of many things." The pair gobble up the hapless oysters and show beneath their winsome bonhomie, a natural world at its coolest and most godless. Adam Gopnick's take on it's moral: "Never trust a hungry intellectual."

Item #901398

4-7/8 x 7-1/4", stiff decorated wrappers with folding flaps, 29pp, illustrated.

In very fine condition, as new.

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