Interior Decoration. Phyllis Cairns.
Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

Newtown, Connecticut: Pembroke Press, 1987. Limited Edition. Stiff boards with accordion graphic. 8 x 5-3/8", printed boards with accordion fold graphic work on two sides, 14 continuous pages. Item #900468
ISBN: 0938563025

#67 of a limited edition of 100 copies, signed by the author. Accordion fold graphic work in green and black with collage paste-ons of interior scenes, lizards, and printed excerpts from Bernard Jakway's work "The Principals of Interior Design".  Lizard motif - If you found a lizard in your living room - would you kill it - or keep it for a pet?

From limitation page - "Most of the derivative material in INTERIOR DECORATION is from THE PRINCIPALS OF INTERIOR DESIGN by Bernard Jakway, published by the Macmillian (sic) Company, New York in 1922. Mr. Jakway was a University of California extension lecturer in interior design. His practices and observations are as sound today as they were when his work was originally published. They illustrate that style may change, but form does not."

Very fine in original envelope.

Price: $250.00