Item #901453 Rune Magic Set: The Celtic Runes for Personal Transformation. Deon Dolphin.
Rune Magic Set: The Celtic Runes for Personal Transformation
Rune Magic Set: The Celtic Runes for Personal Transformation

Rune Magic Set: The Celtic Runes for Personal Transformation

Mill Valley, California: Deon Dolphin, RUNE MAGIC, 1987.

Rune Magic is a contemporary system of divination using the Anglo-Saxon definitions as a base. Where the Vikings had masculinized the runes, Rune Magic has brought back the feminine principle without eliminating the masculine. A specially marked cloth on which to cast the runes serves as a map of consciousness. A royal velvet pouch is included to protect the runes when they are not being used.

Runes are linear symbols of very ancient origin dating back to at least the First Century A.D. Although they are associated with Norse mythology and were spread throughout Europe by the Vikings, they were brought to Great Britain much earlier and were most likely influenced by the Druids and Indo-European people who preceded them. The runes represent tree-spirts, nature symbols and many aspects of spiritual/practical living. Secret messages and runic wisdom have been chiseled into stone for posterity since the earliest times in Europe, Great Britain and perhaps even North America.

The runic definitions used in Rune Magic are based on the Anglo-Saxon Runic Verse, a manuscript of unknown origin that survived a fire in England in 1731. When brought into the light, the runic definitions are all very positive and life-affirming. Thus the runes lend themselves to our changing times as a highly practical system of divination.

Item #901453

Boxset includes 27 hand-engraved rune stones; cotton, silk-screened casting cloth; velvet pouch; 11pp instructional booklet (Directions and Definitions); order blank - all nested in 5 x 8-1/4" cardboard box with cardboard separators with a plastic top, and blue printed paper slip-case.

Runes, cloth, pamphlet, order blank and velvet bag in excellent condition. Tape remnants to blue box, plastic top split at corners, intact paper slip-case has a bit of edge-wear (including 1” tear top-edge front panel) and a moisture stain front panel.

Price: $100.00